Toll manufacturing with Flexitech

Since 2008 Flexitech has provided a Toll Manufacture Service for powder and liquid products for a number of large Australian and International third parties.

While Flexitech continues to manufacture roof pointing and roof paint, it does not manufacture any other product for itself and therefore avoids any conflict of interest between itself and its Toll manufacturing clients.

At its Richlands factory, the company has facilities for raw material storage, powder production which includes an automatic mixing and Robotic packing line plus a fully equipped testing laboratory.  The facility can produce over 200 tonnes of Toll Manufactured product each day.

In addition to Toll Manufacturing, the company helps customers package and repackage both powdered and liquid material from bulk packaging into customised smaller paper, poly or water soluble packaging.  It can also repack from small bags into Bulk bags.

Some current products used in the mining, infrastructure, wharfs, tunnels, airports and construction industries include;

  • Cementitious grout
  • Cable bolt grouts
  • Coloured and specialised renders
  • Highway patch
  • Self levelling powders
  • Rapid set road base
  • Shotcrete
  • Liquid shotcrete additives
  • Structural concrete
  • Epoxy kits (powder & liquid)
  • Acid resistant powders
  • Bulk structural gunite


Laboratory services include product testing to client specifications and the Issuing of a Certificate of Conformity if requested.

Cementitious grout
Epoxy manufacturing