Flexipoint technical specifications

Flexipoint™ is a trowelable, custom coloured, permanently flexible adhesive that is used to point the ridge caps of cement & terracotta tiled roofs. It comprises water based organic polymers and mineral pozzolans that hydrate to form a strong yet flexible cement.

Product Features

  • Flexes in harmony with normal roof movement
  • Amazing bond strength
  • Resists cyclonic wind uplift, C3 rated
  • Outstanding UV Stability
  • Fade resistant colour and long service life
  • User friendly
  • Colour: Range available of 40 plus colours
  • Appearance when dry: Similar to coloured cement
  • Storage Temperature: Minimum 3°C, Maximum 40°C
  • Shelf Life (months): 12
  • Pack Size: 10 L re-sealable plastic pail (volume content 16.5 Kg)



  • Solids content: 88% ± 1
  • Dry film thickness: 3-5 mm
  • Wet film thickness: 3-5 mm
  • Theoretical coverage: 23-25 lineal metres per 10L pail.
  • Curing time: 2 hrs at 25ºC and 50% relative humidity


Application Guide and Equipment

Flexipoint™ parallels the traditional method for bedding and pointing tile roofs. Flexipoint™ should be applied at a uniform thickness of 3-5mm over a normal 4:1 yellow brick sand/cement bedding. The bedding cement should be finished plumb and free of large holes and voids, ensuring no bedding residue is left on the edge of the ridge cap bedding interface. Flexipoint™ may be applied over a fully cured bedding, or it can be applied over wet (just laid) bedding, but please allow additional curing time in this case.
Surface Preparation: Ensure a clean surface by removing all dirt, dust, grease and oil.

Product Preparation: Mix Flexi-point vigorously prior to use

Application Method: Round nose pointing trowel

Clean Up: Water


Precautions and Limitations

Recommendations on surface preparation and product application must be observed.

Curing Time In temperate conditions of 25º C and 50% relative humidity the product may be expected to be rain resistant in around 2 hours of application. However, it should be noted that longer cure time is required when the product is applied over wet bedding, and where the temperature is below 15º C or relative humidity is above 70%.

Please see here for all technical specifications for the Flexipoint system: You can download the Flexipoint Technical Specifications and MSDS here.