Roof Reviver

The Roof Reviver Roof Coating System has been specifically developed in conjunction with experienced Roof Restorers to achieve optimum performance and results for that long lasting finish.  It not only beautifies dull, worn, discoloured cement tile roofs, but adds value to the home owner’s largest single investment.

Roof Reviver uses only the highest quality environmentally friendly raw materials which are supplied by some of the largest and most reputable chemical manufacturers in the world.

Roof Reviver is formulated using only the best quality 100% water based pure acrylic emulsions and combined with fade resistant inorganic tints, provides a tough yet flexible, hardwearing roof coating that is highly resilient to dirt pick-up and completely suitable for catching potable drinking water.

Roof Reviver has been exhaustively developed and tested to withstand the extreme conditions that the harsh Australian climate dishes out year after year, and offers a very competitive product warranty.

This enables you in your capacity as a professional roof restorer, to provide your customers with the best quality for their investment.

By using Roof Reviver, your customers can be assured once the product is applied according to the manufacturers recommendations, you can achieve a premium finish that offers long term durability to protect and enhance any weathered cement roof.

Before Roof Reviver  After Roof Reviver

See the difference that our quality Roof Reviver products can make to both concrete and terracotta tile roofs.

Roof Reviver Warranty

Roof Reviver products are manufactured using superior quality raw materials and are produced under strict quality control guidelines.  No responsibility however can be accepted for variations in the strength, colour, appearance or workability of product brought about by re-mixing procedures and curing conditions that are deemed not within the control of the manufacturer.

Issue of Manufacturer Warranty (material only) required the user to:

  • Follow the directives of the Technical Data Sheet
  • The product used is Roof Reviver
  • Pro-of-sale invoice or manufacturing batch information for materials used are available


And is conditional upon:

  • The Roof Reviver system, and or products used, are applied or re-manufactured by a skilled Applicator in accordance with Roof Reviver specifications and recommended methods
  • THe product components are stored in an approved manner and used within the recommended timeframe

In the case of the above, the manufacturer warrants that for a period of ten years from the date of purchase that Roof Reviver Products will e free from defects due to manufacturing process or materials used, and subject to compliance, with the conditions above, will be resistant to deterioration to the extent set out in Roof Reviver’s relevant technical literature current at the time of use.

Nothing in this document shall exclude or modify any legal rights a customer may have under the Goods and Services Act or otherwise which cannot be excluded or modified at law.